One of the best cities in Australia is Melbourne. There are a number of ways you can enjoy this city. Here are a few activities you should do when in Melbourne.

1. Gallery Hopping

The National Gallery of Victoria is located in Melbourne, and there are impressive permanent works that you can check out there, and best of all you can view the international collections for free. The premier gallery, which is located on St. Kilda road, is a good place to visit and you’ll love touring the place. You can pay a visit to the Ian Potter Centre, which is in Federation Square, and it is home to some amazing Australian collection and the ground floor gallery contains various Aboriginal works that you will love viewing.

melbourne art gallery

2. Rooftop Views

Did you know there are plenty of bars and pubs that offer rooftop views? Sure, you may have to purchase a drink or two or some food, but it’s worth it. The views at some of the bars and pubs are amazing, and best of all you won’t have to pay a bunch of money to enjoy the views.

3. Arty Alleyways

The laneways in Melbourne aren’t just shortcuts for people to take to get to where they are going, as some of the alleyways have turned into street art, but don’t expect to find Banky’s work here. However, there are plenty of other murals to gawk at and to admire, and you’ll even have the chance to view street art by local artists who are well-known in the area. The best place to start your alleyway tour is Hosier Lane and then you’ll want to head north, and don’t worry about getting lost because it is quite hard to do.

4. The Markets

People love the markets in Melbourne because there are so many different types. You can easily find markets that sell produce that is fresh and from local sources, and you can find markets that sell handmade crafts and secondhand goods and even gourmet dishes. Browsing the markets doesn’t cost anything and you’ll likely be able to indulge in free samples of food.

The Queen Victoria Market is a must visit, but there are other markets that are less touristy that you can visit. If you want to visit a market that has a flea market vibe to it, then go to Camberwell Market or head over to the Rose Street Artists Market if you want to check out creativity. There’s also a number of farmer’s markets you can visit too.

It doesn’t matter what you’re into, Melbourne has something for you. Those are only a few of the many activities you can do in the city. Visit Melbourne today and find out for yourself what makes this city so great.

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