Choosing the Right Outdoor Blinds

Automated or Motorised Blinds

Perfect for larger blinds and hard-to-reach outdoor spaces, motorised blinds are the definitive solution when it comes to ease of use and convenience. These types of blinds offer tons of benefits to people from all walks of life. For homeowners, parents with young children, or even the elderly, motorised blinds can be the perfect solution to avoiding the hassle of dealing with pulleys and tangled cords. The good thing about automated blinds outdoor blinds by Design Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast is that they are remote-controlled, which allows users to operate their blinds with one click of a button. The best-in-class design and quiet motor by Design Gold Coast will help ensure that your motorised blinds offer great comfort and convenience while operating without fail for years to come.

Gold Coast Outdoor Blinds

Gazebo Outdoor Blinds

Looking for made-to-order outdoor Gazebo blinds? Then head over to Design Gold Coast for a chance to find outdoor blinds that’ll turn your gazebo into the ultimate outdoor entertainment area. Not only will the blinds protect your gazebo from volatile weather, insects, and harsh UV rays, they’re also a lot cheaper than structural wall supports for gazebos. Most customers prefer clear PVC plastic blinds as they allow users to have a view of their surroundings, i.e., backyard or garden.

Pergola and Patio Blinds

If you are looking to transform your courtyard, then what you need to get is pergola and patio blinds. Fortunately, there is a wide range of materials to choose from depending on how you plan on using your patio or pergola. Options range from canvas, clear plastic, shadow weave and much more. Furthermore, the number of attachment styles available, which range from strip and tracking to string, crank, automated, and zipper systems, will leave you spoilt for choice. You might also prefer automated blinds for a quick, more convenient, and much safer option.

Veranda and Balcony Deck Blinds

Want to convert your retreat into a haven for a more relaxed outdoor-indoor living? Then you’ll be glad to know that Design Gold Coast offers a wide array of designs and styles in veranda and balcony deck blinds that offer both convenience and privacy. These blinds will enhance and protect your veranda or balcony as you enjoy unrestricted views of the nature around you.

Outdoor Clear PVC Blinds

Want clear views of your garden or backyard? If so, then a clear plastic PVC blind that allows you to showcase your little ‘garden of Eden’ is what you need to get. Since Design Gold Coast’s outdoor PVC blinds are made of high-quality, marine-grade plastic, they are both scratch and fade resistant and work great as weather shields. Furthermore, the PVC blinds are heat-welded into place using futuristic technology that keeps them from decaying, leaking, or wearing.

Café, Bistro, and Restaurant Blinds

Café, bistro, and restaurant owners love these blinds as they add a relaxed and graceful touch to their business while also increasing the available floor capacity. Having commercial eatery blinds in your Sydney-based establishment can help create more conducive sitting areas for customers who love fresh air or who have pets. Options range from clear PVC plastic, weave fabric, and more. For convenience and better flexibility, consider getting a motorised pull option.

Track-Guided Shade Weave Blinds

Do you love seeing the beauty of your outdoor garden but still need blinds for privacy when needed? Would you like to get some privacy from your nosy neighbours but still maintain a view of your backyard or garden? If so, then shave weave blinds are what you need. These blinds effectively block out the sun while providing sufficient shade all year round, making them perfect for people who love to host/entertain friends and family often. The fact that these blinds have a unique spring-loaded action and smooth gliding track system that makes it easy for users to roll them open to different positions and lock them in place is what makes them the perfect choice for patios, gazebos, and pergolas.

Urban Track

These track-guided blinds use a spring-loaded action to roll the blinds down and up a slide track. The blinds can be opened to whichever position one prefers effortlessly and have a locking system for holding the blind in place. Available in a variety of versatile materials including shade weave, Japanese, tinted, and marine-grade PVC, urban blinds not only protect you from the rain, wind, insects, and sun, but also create doorways in your blinds with the help of detachable post kits that provide access to the outdoors without having to roll up your screen. All the PVC joints from Design Gold Coast are high-frequency welded for guaranteed longevity and added strength.


Gold Coast Skilled Park is a provider of patio blinds and folding arm awnings.

When living on the Gold Coast one the best things is the great weather – all year around. But with that comes a lot of sun exposure. Outdoor Blinds are a great solution that can increase the versatility of your outdoor patio area.

Another product to keep in mind is retractable awnings, they are perfect for awnings in a pool area or for small patios where a full awning is not required.

Contact us if you would like a free quote – we will be populating the website soon with some great installation photos of our patio blinds and awnings.