In the Melbourne VIC area,¬†environmental issues are at the forefront of the liveability of the city. Here’s some of the great environmental initiatives in Melbourne:

1200 Buildings

The goal of achieving carbon neutrality in the city of Melbourne by 2020 has been set by the Zero Net Emissions by 2020 Strategy.

Commercial buildings, distributed energy, and transport have all been identified as areas where a reduction in energy consumption can occur as well as improvements made in energy efficiency.

What many people don’t realize is that across the City of Melbourne, the commercial building sector is responsible for a large segment of the municipality’s greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, this sector creates 48% of them.



Small business owners and residents in Victoria have access to the free service provided by Byteback when they want to get rid of used, old, or unwanted computers in a way that’s safe for the environment.

Our environment is harmed by the chemicals and material components used in the manufacture of computer equipment. These items can reach into the surrounding area when they’re placed in a landfill.

Byteback collects the equipment and takes it to Recycling and Recovery centers for electronics. There, it is disassembled into the insulated wiring, printed circuit boards, cathode ray tubes, batteries, precious metals, and plastic that it’s composed of. Once this process is complete, it’s recycled and recovered throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

Conserve Water

Melbourne Water hosts the Conserve Water website. On it, you’ll learn how to conserve water and other interesting facts.

Here’s a fact found on the website. It turns out that during the course of a single shower, the average Australian uses 120 liters of water each day on average. That’s twice more than the average used by 2/3 of the people living on the planet on a daily basis.

Because of the financial cost, the difficulty in finding new catchment, and environmental considerations, Melbourne is not considering the construction of any new dams in the near future. That’s why, since Melbourne continues to grow, it so important to help people learn to conserve water.


Cool Melbourne

If you are looking for information about sustainable and practical ways to help the environment, Cool Melborn should be your one-stop-shop. It’s packed with information and provides a link between schools, businesses, our community, and science.

You’ll find articles written in plain English that help you to understand environmental issues such as global warming. In addition, it’s filled with local greens stories. You can keep up with what people are doing to help the environment and learn more about the challenges faced by our community. Asbestos Information Site

WorkSafe, the Victorian Department of Health, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) Victoria developed this website in collaboration. Each of these agencies shoulders the responsibility to regulate asbestos exposure in the environment, at home, and at work to protect the people of Victoria. For more information about asbestos in Melbourne visit or

ENVY (Environmental Network of Victorian Youth)

The members of envy are pragmatic and passionate. They are also young and dedicated to helping the world species and environment by working for change.

They come from twelv different schools, all are under the age of 26, and they are 30+ strong Victorian youths. As young people, they want to end the environmental problems found in the nation by working together.

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