Melbourne Comes In At Number 1 For The Most Liveable City In The World

Does having sunshine, great coffee and AFL, coupled with a stable environment, good healthcare and education sound good to you?

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual liveability index analysed 140 cities worldwide and gave Melbourne number one spot for liveability. That’s six years straight that Melbourne has won the prize, and now Sydney has lost its place in the top ten.

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Safety, education, healthcare, environment and infrastructure, are some of the factors taken into account when ranking the 140 cities, thus providing an overview of great living conditions, as well as terrible ones. The scoring is based on a mark ranging from 1 – 100, starting with acceptable, then moving down to tolerable, uncomfortable, undesirable and lastly intolerable. A score of 100 is the best conditions possible, whereas a score of 1 is the worst possible. The relative city, that being the city which gives the point of reference for marking, is New York City.

Medium sized cities in developed countries, which naturally benefit from a low population density and an adequate level of stability, tended to receive higher rankings. In general these cities showed a higher amount of leisure activities, without a rise in crime of problem with infrastructure. Countries that have seen a recent improvement in civil stability were seen to move up the ranks. Cities such as Iran, Bangkok, Tehran and Thailand are examples of such, even though they are not within the top ten.

In 2015 Melbourne had a rank of 97.5, with Vienna in Austria coming in only 0.1 behind. As well as Melbourne and Vienna, Toronto, Adelaide, Vancourver and Calgary were all listed as some of the most liveable cities.

Adelaide kept the number 5 position, now forming a joint position with Calgary in Canada. The top 10 also saw Perth taking the number 7 spot.

Both Singapore and Hong Kong moved up the rankings by three places, coming in at 46th and 43rd, however the main reason for this was the downward trend in quality of life in other places, for example the increased terrorism concern in western Europe and Turkey, as well as east Europe and Asia seeing geopolitical tensions.

In 72nd place came Suzhou, the Chinese city known for canals and natural beauty, overtaking Beijing in 73rd place and becoming the most liveable city in China. In comparison with last year however, each of the eight Chinese cities ranked saw a slight fall in their positions.

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